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2016 - 2017 North Carolina Road Team


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Mr. Timothy Haynes – MGM Transport

Timothy drives for MGM Transport out of High Point, NC and has been with MGM for 6 years, with 850 thousand miles of safe driving to his credit. Tim believes everyone should be a defensive driver and be prepared to make the decisions that other drivers will not. Every driver’s safety is his responsibility when he shares the road with others.

Mr. Jerry Dancy – Cargo Transporters

Jerry drives out of Claremont, NC for Cargo Transporters and has 22 years driving experience. He has received an 11 year safe driving award. Jerry and his wife Mary live in Rochester, NY and have 2 daughters, Sarah and Jackie. Jerry reflects the image of a professional while performing his daily duties and believes that safety is the foundation of the transportation industry.

Mr. Basher Pierce – Fed Ex Freight

Basher drives for Fed Ex Freight, and has for 12 of his 18 years in the industry. He is 2 time TDC champion in the flatbed and 3 axle class. Basher and his wife Delane live in Sophia and have a son, Bryant and daughter, Brandy. Basher sets his thinking to “safety first”, knowing there are correct methods to achieve goals that have been proven to accomplish a job well done.

Mr. Mark Sosebee – Old Dominion Freight

Mark is a line haul driver for Old Dominion Freight Line out of the Greensboro service center. He has driven for Old Dominion 3 years with 500,000 safe miles. Mark and his wife Terri and son John, live in Lexington. Mark believes in order to give the public a favorable impression of the industry, a driver must display those qualities that others are not always willing to give. Highway courtesy and personal integrity are goals he strives to display to the public on a daily basis.

Mr. Adrian Maldonado – TCW/Tennessee Warehouse Express

Adrian is a local driver for TCW/Tennessee Express in the Charlotte area and has an extensive military background as a parachute jump instructor. He has 16 years driving experience, 10 of those with Tennessee Express. He and his wife Beatriz have 3 children, Melissa, Amaryllis and Adrianne. Adrian believes it is important that all motorists understand the limitation of a CMV driver and the visibility issues drivers deal with. He will stress the importance of attentive driving while avoiding distractions.


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