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NCTA Safety & Human Resources Council

The Councils provide their members the opportunity to become more involved in the industry, interacting with other industry professionals, sharing "best practices" ideas and opportunities to partner with state, federal and enforcement agencies.  NCTA encourages all of its members to have at least one active member in each council.

The NCTA Safety & Human Resources Council promotes highway safety in a number of ways. It consists of the Safety Directors and Supervisors of trucking companies, along with interested Allied and Associate members as well. The Safety & Human Resources Council and its chapters meet on a regular basis to share information and ideas that they can use to maximize the safety performance of their respective companies. The NCTA Safety & Human Resurces Council also oversees and operates a number of recognition programs that promote highway safety.

 For more information about the Council contact NCTA at (919) 834-0387.

North Carolina Trucking Association

Safety & Human Resources Council

Advisory Board Members

Chair:                 Richard Hepler                                                             At-Large Members

                 Best Cartage, Inc.

                 Kernersville, NC                                                              Fred Hindman 



            XPO Logistics

Vice Chair:         Ronnie McCoy

                 Eagle Transport Corporation                                              Dawna Blackburn 

                 Rocky Mount, NC                                                             Cargo Transporters




Secretary:          Shawn Brown                                                                 David Jarrett

                          Cargo Transporters                                                          Chief Express

                          Claremont, NC                                                                



Allied Chair:       Ben Greenberg                                                                   Alan Darr                                          Goldberg Segalla                                                                Ezzell Trucking
                           Greensboro, NC

Immediate Past Chair: Tim Long
     Epes Transport Systems
                                     Greensboro, NC





NCTA Safety Management Council Committees

Allied Member Committee 

Annual Conference Committee   

Carrier Assistance Committee

Membership Committee

Education Program Committee

Truck Driving Championship Committee


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