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NCTA Technology & Maintenance Council Technician Meeting

  • 29 Oct 2013
  • 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Transource Mack, 8700 Triad Drive, Colfax, NC 27235


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North Carolina Trucking Association

Technology & Maintenance Council

Technician Meeting



How Well Do Your Technicians Know Them?

Can your Technicians answer the following questions?


1) Is My Steer Tire Rated For My Load?

2) Why Do I Need To Run This Certain Air Pressure? A Few Pounds Off Wont Matter.

3) Is This Retread Going To Come Apart?

4) What Does The Wear Pattern In This Tire Mean? Is It Good Or Bad? Can It Be Fixed? 


If not, please encourage them to attend our tire talk seminar for Technicians. This seminar will give the technicians a true hands on experience to learn what is good and bad, an opportunity to discuss questions with engineers and over gain an understand of what they need to see when they are doing their daily functions on your equipment.



  • Identifying and understanding early tire wear signs and causes   
  • Understanding load rating and air pressure
  • Tire technology for GHG 2017
  • Bring you questions!


Presenters:  Trey Thompson, Continental Tire and

                  Jonathan Smith, Bridgestone Tire  








The NCTA Technology & Maintenance Council welcomes guests to attend and learn about the Council.  

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