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NATMI Certified Driver Trainer Program

  • 28 Jan 2014
  • 8:30 AM
  • 30 Jan 2014
  • NCTA Office, 10900 World Trade Blvd., Raleigh, NC 27617

North Carolina Trucking Association Presents:

NATMI Certified Driver Trainer Program
Courses Held on January 28-29, 2014

 Exam held on January 30, 2014


Want to become certified?

The course below is applicable toward NATMI’s nationally recognized, university accredited Certified Driver Trainer (CDT) program. Taking the course is the first step toward earning a credential that will help you become a more competent professional, earn industry recognition and credibility in court testimony. If you have the job experience, you can pay one lump sum that covers all fees for certification, and complete the process within a 60-day time frame – or less.

How to Become Certified



NATMI Accelerated Certification School Format

Certification Category:


On your own prior to courses:

Course requirement:

Essential Instructional Skills for Professional Driver Trainers

Certification Exam:

Certification examination taken immediately following course

On your own following courses:

Submit certification application within 60 days of classroom training and exam

Fees for Professional Certification Applicants:

All-inclusive tuition for Accelerated Certification School Program (includes both course fees, NATMI membership fee, certification kit and certification application fee):

Standard fee
$900 for full certification program

Essential Instructional Skills course by itself is $480 for members/$580 for non-members

*Discounts: Register 60+ days in advance take off $20

Instructional Skills Course Benefits:

1. Understand the four-step teaching/learning process.

2. Understand how adults learn so that you can provide the most effective training delivery.

3. Learn how to develop effective lesson plans.

4. Learn the characteristics of a good instructor and how to incorporate them into your own teaching.

5. Learn how to effectively prepare for a presentation.

6. Identify and develop the skills necessary to become a dynamic speaker and effective educator.

7. Teach your own lesson and receive a supportive and constructive evaluation of your presentation.

8. Learn to develop and conduct in-house training programs, as well as effective on-the-job training.

9. Integrate the skills developed in this course with your daily supervision responsibilities.



Course Description

This train-the-trainer course is for professionals responsible for the development and implementation of professional driver training programs. Students learn teaching skills and their practical application. In addition, students will have the opportunity to present their own lesson plans with critique following. The following topics are covered:


· The Instructional Process - Phases of the teaching-learning process.

· Principles of Learning - Effective training based upon motivation, participation, knowledge of results and reinforcement.

· How to Prepare Performance Objectives - Determining desired results for specific learning experiences.

· Teaching Assignments & Instructor Demonstration - Teaching topics for class presentation; instructor demonstration of a teaching topic.

· Evaluation of Training Effectiveness - How to analyze performance.

· Lesson Plans - Components; development; importance.

· Instructional Techniques - Selecting and using instructional techniques and aids.

· The Role of the Trainer - Tools for efficient administration.

· Practice Teaching - Presenting your own lesson & critique.

· Organization of an Effective Training Program - Developing the company-training program; how to evaluate results.

Job Experience Required: 2 years in driver training



Instructor:   Michael Boudreaux


Michael J. Boudreaux is currently certified through North American Transportation Institute (NATMI) as a Certified Director of Safety (CDS) and Certified Driver Trainer (CDT). He is also a Motor Fleet Safety instructor for the same organization. He has instructed numerous motor fleet safety courses throughout the United States for NATMI. Twice he has been selected as Outstanding Instructor of the year. He has been instructing for NATMI since 1995.


Mr. Boudreaux is a registered auditor with the International Motor Carrier Commission. He is a member of the Louisiana Motor Transport Association (LMTA), Texas Trucking Association (TXTA) and has served as a panel member for seminars put on by the Transportation Lawyers Association.


Mr. Boudreaux was contracted with Professional Safety Consulting, Inc. of Lincoln, Nebraska from December 1999 to December 2008. He performed motor fleet safety loss control evaluations for a variety of insurance companies. He has also testified in court as an expert witness in the field of motor fleet safety. 


Cost- Standard Full Certification $900

            Members Course Only $480

            Non-members course only $580


Details and to register: Click here

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